10 Quick Tips On Wearing Hats

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Customers approach us every day with questions regarding their pre-purchase or style suggestions so we decided to put together 10 quick tips to help you get the most out of choosing and wearing your next hat design.
  1. Wear it at an angle:  If it's not a beanie don't just stick it on your head and hope for the best.  Hats look fabulous, on most face shapes, if worn at an angle.
  2. Wear it to the front:  Covering the top corner of your face with a hat alters the way your eye perceives the shape of your face, creating balance.
  3. Avoid Hat Hair: Opt for a hat which sits away from the hair a little so it will have little effect on your hair should you wish to take the design off.
  4. Wide brims don't work for everybody: You have to be tall to wear a large brim; otherwise it can make you appear shorter.
  5. Brim sizes matter: As a general rule, keep the brim within your shoulder breadth, unless you are really tall.
  6. It's not a helmet:  If your hat comes with elastic, it goes around the back of your head, not under your chin like a strap.
  7. Growing an inch:  Wearing a hat with height will create length and make you appear slightly taller.
  8. Improve your posture: There is no scientific evidence to prove wearing a hat will improve your posture but you will find yourself standing a little taller just because you have this beautiful creation on your head.
  9. You do suit hats: We hear people say they don't suit hats all the time, a hat is like any other style of clothing, some clothes suit better than others and the same is true of hats.
  10. Your face shape will determine which styles suit: We have a fitting guide to help, still don't know, just ask us!

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