Cocktail hat - Paris

Cocktail hat - Paris


Our Paris cocktail hat is made from the finest felt and features a hand formed wave flourish detail and small ceramic bead. For a stylish winter look, dress up your outfit with this elegant hat.

Item details

  • Made form peachbloom felt with a hand formed detail and small ceramic bead.
  • Attaches with elastic and comb.
  • Base measures: 8.5 x 7.5" | 22 x 19cm.
  • Made to order.
  • Can be made in other colours, colour charts are available here.
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This design will particularly suit those with the following face shapes:

Oval, round, square, heart and diamond.

Our model has a heart shape face and wears our 'Paris' hat in charcoal with black flourish. 

By wearing the hat at an angle, the eye is naturally drawn upwards, therefore creating balance between the hat and her face shape.


This design attaches with elastic and a comb:

The elastic sits to the back of your head under your hair and the comb slides downwards into place.

We can alter the attachment method if preferred.