Reasons to love Harris Tweed


Winter, Scotland is awash with colour even in winter.  The hills behind the studio are a deep plum where the heather is in full bloom, with little glimpses of green.  The rivers are deepest cold midnight blue with reflected grey and cool blue tones from the sky.  We are constantly searching out warm textured fabrics, such as felts and tweed to create our designs, which is how we came to love Harris Tweed.  But there is more to this fabric than you may think...

green tweed copy.jpg


Harris Tweed keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, it is also a natural water repellant!


tweed bride.jpg
purple tweed copy.jpg


Harris Tweed, legally must be “hand-woven by the islanders at their home in the Outer Hebrides and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides”.  The wool is first dyed and spun then handwoven in the home of a Harris Tweed weaver. These skills are passed on from generation to generation, it is the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament.


tweed feather 2.jpg

Harris Tweed manufacture has a very low environmental impact, it is also biodegradable, VOC absorbent and non-allergenic.  A fabric rich in history but with very modern qualities.

 Harris Tweed now comes in modern vibrant colour schemes, so even if all of the above weren't great reasons, we'd still love it!