London Hat Week 2014


London Hat Week (LHW) was curated by Atelier Millinery & HATalk, London and ran from 6-12 March  2014. launched with a preview of My Favourite Hat, an exhibition showing the inspiration behind some of London’s most famous hat personalities.

There were also opportunities to go behind the scenes at some of the oldest hat shops in London and take part in workshops run by some of London's top milliners.

So, where do I come in?  Not being a London Milliner, I live and work on the outskirts of Edinburgh, but in reality I have no geographic boundaries, my business is en E-tail and is therefore available everywhere, to everyone!

Etsy UK decided to run a series of workshops during LHW, so the idea of incorporating Etsy UK Milliners work in the exhibition was born, and so I was invited to attend. 

A pop up shop was created below Atelier Millinery in Soho for the week and for the first time, a group of Etsy UK milliners came together, not just in the virtual realm (at least their work) to collaborate and show their designs.

Red Saucer Hat, Races Hat




You can read more about my involvement in LHW in my interview with STV (Scottish Television) on the STV Website