More Famous Milliners, You May Not Know!


We wrote before a short summary on some very famous milliners, whose names have become less prominent today but whose designs stand the true test of time, inspiring todays milliners, including Maggie herself who has hand picked this latest selection of hat designers.

Aage Thaarup

The first is Aage Thaarup, born in Copenhagen in 1906.  He set up his millinery business in Delhi, specialising in 'mourning' hats, until 1932 when he opened his London shop.

in addition to dressing the heads of royalty and Hollywood actresses, Thaarup began to mass produce hats after the Second World War with his line "teen and Twenty" which sold around the world.

Caroline Reboux

Caroline Reboux was born in Paris in 1837.

In the late 1800's she ran a shop in Paris at the rue de la Paix and at the time was one of Paris' leading milliners. Although Reboux died in 1927, her label continued to thrive and her hats sold up until The Second World War.

Reboux dressed many famous heads such as that of the French Empress Eugenie and Wallis Simpson


Gilbert Orcel created hats for the Petit Palais in 1938 but it wasnt till after the Liberation in 1945 that his work gained international acclaim.  Jean Barthet trained with Orcel.

Claude St-Cyr

Claude St-Cyr 1911–2002 was a French milliner, she worked in both Paris and London between the 1930s and 1960s, she designed and created hats to royalty. She created Princess Margaret's wedding veil in additon to creating hats for The Queen Mother and the Queen.

Maud Roser

Maud Roser designed hats for Dior in the early days.