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why we love halo crowns!

History of the Halo Crown


Firstly, we should point out that the design is nothing new, the halo crown design was popularised by Anne Boleyn & Mary I, in Tudor times, other wise known as the French Hood. 


The shape once again made a resurgence in the late 19th century and was often called the 'aureole-brimmed' hat throughout the 1930s.  

In the 1940's the design took on the halo crown shape and became a popular style with brides.



Almost all our collections feature this design, from floral to feathered!  So why do we love the halo?

The halo does many things; firstly the halo frames the face.  The height of the hat helps to draw the gaze of the eye upwards; this helps give the illusion of height and elegance.

More than that however is the variety of styles we can create with just a singular shape base.  The crown can be made in almost any fabric, with or without adornment and so easy to wear.  It can also look and feel high fashion, or soft and ethereal for brides to be.  

The halo is also a great choice for anyone who is either hat shy or doesn't want to mess up their hair with a heavy hat.  The halo crown, in most cases, is light to wear, with minimum disruption to the hair and will add the finishing touch to your outfit.



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All our halo styles are available in other colour options.