Terms and Conditions of Hire


These conditions of sale shall form part of all contracts for the supply of Goods by Maggie Mowbray Millinery (hereinafter called "the Company") to any other person, body, or company (hereinafter called "the Hirer").

“Goods” means any hat, fascinator, headwear or tiara.

“Delivery Date” means the date advised by the Hirer at the time of formation of the Contract for the delivery of the Goods from the studio and noted on the purchase form.

“Return Date” means the date advised by The Company for the intended return of the Goods to the Store and written by email after booking.

1. All contracts of hire shall be deemed to incorporate these terms and conditions. No variation or addition to these conditions is effective unless it is agreed, in writing, by The Company.



2a. The hire prices quoted are per week.

2b. A security deposit for the full value of the hired goods shall be paid by the hirer 4 weeks prior to the release of the Goods and will be returned minus rental cost once items have been returned in good condition within the agreed rental period as set out in section 2a.

2c. If the Goods have not been returned within 7 days of the delivery date an additional weekly fee is payable and will be deducted from deposit. If the item is not returned after 14 days, ownership will pass to the Hirer and no deposit will be repaid. The Company shall be paid the full value of the goods.

2d. In the event that damage occurs to goods a further 50% will be deducted from the deposit to cover repairs.

2e.  Returns costs are payable by the customer, goods must be returned in original packaging.



3a. The liabilities of the hirer commence at the time the hired goods are dispatched from our premises, and continue until they are returned to our premises. During this time, the hirer will:

(i) Keep, at the hirer's own expense, the said hired Goods, in good and substantial repair and condition, and in the event of any article being damaged beyond repair or lost by fire, theft or any other cause whatsoever, will pay The Company the full replacement value of the Goods.

3b. In the event of any article being damaged and requiring repair, the hirer will pay the full cost of such repair.

3c. The Company recommends that the hirer keep the hired articles fully insured to their full replacement value against all risks.



4a. At the discretion of The Company a charge of not less than 50% of the quoted hire charge may be made in respect of cancelled orders if cancelled less than 4 weeks prior to the release of the Goods . If such cancellation is made after the Goods have been delivered, The Company reserves the right to charge the full hire charge.



5. No liability shall attach to The Company for:
a) Any delay or failure to deliver due to circumstances, which are outside its control.

b) Any damage or injury caused by the misuse of the Company's property.

6. The Company expressly reserves the right at its absolute discretion to suspend or cancel any services (whether in whole or in part) under its contract with the hirer in any case where the hirer is in breach of that contract or in breach of any credit arrangements, whether the same be under that contract or any other contract or arrangement between the hirer and The Company.

7. These terms are for the hire of goods only and are separate from The Company’s retail sale agreement.


Governing Law

Scottish law shall in all respects govern the contract between the Hirer and the Company.