We take great care to use quality materials and with proper care and use your hat will last a long time.  It is always best to keep your hat in the box when not wearing it or on a suitable hat stand.  Fedoras and trilbies can be stored upside down on their crown.  Other hats such as cloches are best on a head shaped stand or mannequin head.

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FELT hats

Your hat will be made from either wool felt or high-grade rabbit fur felt; both are naturally water repellent and therefore suitable for most types of weather.  However, if your hat becomes too wet it may need to be reshaped.  


While your hat is wet reshape and leave somewhere safe to dry.  You can insert tissue into the crown to help.


Use a clean soft brush, such as a soft shoe brush to occasionally remove dust and refresh the fibres on the hat, however only apply light pressure.  For felts with a pattern use a lint roller to remove dust.


Hats such as fedoras and trilbies should always be held by the peak on the crown to avoid mis-shaping the brim.  When pulling any hat down, hold it firmly at the headband, and pull down evenly.  In most cases try to avoid pull on on the brim.


It is important not to get your straw hat wet, as it will lose its shape.  Please also store in a dry place but out of direct heat, as this will make the straw brittle over time. 


If the stain won’t remove using a soft dry cloth then you may need to use a damp cloth, try to only wipe the stained area and if the straw softens, reshape and leave to dry.

To clean dust, use a soft cloth.


See 'Felt' above.


Our hats are designed to be worn in a certain way, such as our smaller cocktail hats should generally be worn at an angle, often covering the top corner of the brow, if you are unsure, refer to the model image for reference.  If your hat comes on a band, it generally sits where it is designed to, but elastic can offer more flexibility.

When attaching a hat with elastic, first take the elastic around the back of your head then using the comb, slide into position (the comb should slide either forward or downward or towards the position you want to wear the hat, depending on the design), the elastic may need adjusting.  You can then cover the elastic with your hair and if needed use grips to secure.

Occasionally a hat pin may be required depending on your hair style, a hat pin should be gently pushed through the fabric under your hair and back through the hat then secured with the closure.

Many of our winter hats work well when angled slightly to one side or towards the back or front of the head.  Often a style will suit your face shape in a more flattering way if worn at a particular angle, so don't be afraid to experiment! The same is true of our smaller hats, although the details and fit may not work so effectively if worn different to that shown. 

Your own styling of an accessory is an expression of your individuality, which should always be embraced!