Responsible Fashion

Slow fashion & responsible fashion


1. Mass Consumption:

We recognise the impacts of our consumer choices, which can directly impact the environment and people’s lives. 
By reducing mass fashion production, we create less pressure on forests and ecosystems, which are being damaged or destroyed for such things as fibre production and the result of pollution from mass garment manufacture.

2. Deeper Meaning

We offer fashion accessories with a human connection.
You, the customer can be part of the design process, allowing you to help create the design you would like, therefore more likely to keep and reuse.  You can talk directly to Maggie regarding your design or the design process at any stage.
Your design will take up to 3 weeks to create, as it is made by a skilled milliner who cares about the quality of the workmanship and detail invoved.

3. Resources & Responsibility

We focus on using materials purchased from UK & European supply chains when possible and only purchase stock as required.  Each design is made to order and many designs will continue to be sold season after season.
All our hats are made in the UK, in house.  Maggie designs, cuts, blocks, creates and sews all our hats & headpieces, ensuring constant high quality. 
Our hats are made to order, which not only ensures your hat is in its best condition but also helps to reduce waste associated with surplus stock.
Our felts are purchased from UK and EU suppliers which have full traceability back to the base material ensuring our rabbit and and wool felts are from trusted sources where the animal welfare is strictly monitored. 
We will never use endangered bird feathers or materials.
We try to support our British Millinery block makers as much as possible, by having our millinery blocks made by British Craftspeople such as Guy Morse Brown, Boon & Lane and Hat Blocks Direct.

4. Quality & Timelessness:

We offer classic designs over fast fashion trends, which contributes to the longevity of our accessories.
We ensure the durability of our hat designs by sourcing high quality fabrics, offering traditional cuts and creating beautiful, timeless pieces.  With each design being made by an experienced milliner, we can ensure quality and workmanship. 
Our prices are based on maintaining sustainable resources, providing quality and payment of fair wages.