Colour Matching Dye Service

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Colour matching service, add-on dye service for your purchased hat or headpiece.


What do we dye?

We currently dye feathers, parisisal straw, felt, veiling and silk abaca.

We only dye our own products.

Our Exisiting Colours

You can view our standard colour charts here

If you wish a colour not shown on our existing charts, the bespoke colour matching dye service can be purchased alongside your chosen design.

What do you need to colour match?

We will require a fabric swatch or matching hang ribbon to colour match.

What is the dye process?

Dyeing items to match is a delicate process.  Blends of dyes are often used to create the correct colour match. Often minute amounts will be used to create a precise colour, a skill developed from years of experience and a background in fine art with an in depth knowledge of colour.

The items must be dyed separately prior to the hat being made.

After fabric pre-treatment, samples of the dye must be created and allowed to dry to check the colour before proceeding. 

Additionally, each fabric element must be colour-matched separately as different fabrics absorb colour differently.


As the dye process is complex, your hat or headpiece may take longer than our standard turnaround times to create.